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Capture the Essence of an Ancient Time

Whether it is sitting on a Carved Limestone Bench with hand-chiseled edges

or using your finger to trace a 16th century labyrinth etched into a slab of Black Granite,

Natural Stone is a reminder of something permanent in relation to all things

that have come and gone in a world of constant change.

Stone has been carved on

with primitive tools since the dawn of civilization

so that information and ideas could be passed on to countless future generations.

From the Egyptians and Romans to the Incas and Anasazi,

the adornment of stone has served as a way to

preserve history long before

the invention of paper.

If You have an idea in mind

of something worth being remembered,

whether it is your favorite quote, poem or verse,

Stone Carver Designs can help you preserve it in Stone.

Perhaps you just need your address carved into a boulder,

or maybe a special 'piece of art' for your favorite niche.

I will work with You to create an heirloom piece

that can be handed down to your grandchildren.

It is my mission

to assist you however I can to make sure

You get the stone you want that will

Last for Generations

I hope you enjoy viewing the many pictures and examples of my work.

Thanks for visiting!

- Greg Reed Brown

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