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Stone Carver Designs is a one man studio in Irving, Texas

specializing in the cutting, carving, shaping and engraving of natural stone.

A wide variety of techniques are used to work the stone.

Diamond saws and grinders, air chisels and sandblasting all figure into the mix.

It was founded by Greg Reed Brown in 1993 under the name Stone Tablets,

but was changed to the current name in 1999 to

better represent the full scope of products and services.

Greg has developed a reputation for  top notch stone artistry

and has worked with a vast array of clients, including

architects, landscape designers and municipalities, as well as

schools, churches, contractors and homeowners.

He has worked on large scale projects with:

The City of Irving, TX

The City of University Park, TX

Southern Methodist University

Lovers Lane United Methodist Church Dallas

St. Andrew United Methodist Church Plano, TX

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